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Our Team

Get to know our Grade-A team at Ten-Eight!

Kyle Smith

Head Boxing Coach

Kyle doesn’t remember being introduced to boxing, it’s always been a part of his life. He spent years learning from watching fight tapes religiously and sparring with his father. In 2010 he started competing. In 2012 he became a Boxing Ontario certified coach  and began training younger fighters and teaching classes with the National Capital Boxing Club. 

Kyle has competed in both club shows and medaled in provincial tournaments. His main passion is teaching boxers to be a thinker in the ring, breaking down the sometimes barbaric actions of boxing, and showing the intelligent defence behind it all.  This is done in a step by step progression starting with footwork, positioning, and a “one tool at a time” approach to learning defensive perfection.

Everyone should have a chance to learn, understand and train like they are going to the Olympics, even if they aren’t planning to compete. Building mastery in the sport of boxing takes a special mix of mental and physical control. His goal is to have his boxers understand boxing and it’s different styles, when to employ different strategies, ring IQ, judging, footwork, and most of all, how to wear a smile while making opponents miss.

John Clarke

Coach/Club Manager

John comes to us with a wealth of experience and passion for boxing cultivated through a lifetime in the sport. He jokes that other kids had posters of Rock Stars on their walls, he had posters of boxers. A Boxing Ontario certified coach since 2007, John ran programs for two years with the City of Ottawa and coached for a few years at National Capital Boxing (where he coached our very own Kyle). John ran the program at Algonquin College for 8 years. In 2014 he became the head coach for Celtic Hammer Boxing club here in Ottawa. Here, John developed and trained Provincial Golden Gloves and Bronze Gloves champions. He still coaches one of these boxers who has since switched to MMA. In his coaching carreer,  John has cornered his boxers in over 300 bouts, ran multiple boxing events hosting over 400 fans while cultivating great working relationships with other coaches and clubs in Ontario, Quebec and the US. A passionate, caring and committed coach, John believes in building versatile and adaptive boxers, teaching that a boxers most important weapon is their intellect. An old school advocate of the Sweet Science of hitting without being hit, John stresses that great offense starts with a great defence, and that technique beats toughness. As the saying goes, “Make ’em miss, Make ’em pay”. 
Whether it is your intention to compete or just get in better shape while learning a new skill, effort is the key. A willingness to work hard and a willingness to learn will enable you to reach your full potential. Excellence is not an accident! 

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“The boxing program was an excellent fit for me. Not only is it a great workout, but It’s a skill that I can strive to get better at every day. I feel more confident in my fitness level and technique each and every week, and that’s an incredible feeling. I also can’t say enough nice things about the instructor Kyle”


I’ve been boxing with Kyle for 7 months and have truly enjoyed the experience. I came to him with no boxing experience. He expertly balances pushing you towards your fitness goals with patience and understanding. He is always motivated, flexible and willing to work around your hectic schedule!


I started working with Coach Kyle about 5 months ago and I’ve already noticed a huge improvement in my skills and my confidence. I have always been interested in boxing and learning to box has been on my bucket list for years, but because I was never particularly athletic, I was too intimidated to try. I am so glad that I took a chance and started to work with Kyle. In addition to being super knowledgeable and a great coach, he is also approachable and encouraging. He breaks down the movements so that I can understand the reasons behind why I need to position my body in certain ways and how I can generate the most power. He’s also great at motivating me to give just a little bit more every time I think I’ve completely run out of steam. I come away from every session with a huge smile on my face and an amazing sense of accomplishment. I’ve learned so much from Coach Kyle already and am excited to continue my boxing journey with him!


“I was introduced to boxing first time in my life by Kyle. After one of the TRX training sessions, Kyle spent a few minutes with me, showing how the boxing class would look like. That had a huge impact on me, as I felt like this was something very new and challenging, and I immediately got very excited. I’ve been taking boxing classes with Kyle for 3 months, and I could definitely see progression in foundational skills, as well as overall health and fitness improvements. Kyle’s passion to boxing is charging, making the classes fun and filled with lots of positive energy. As a professional coach, Kyle is very attentive to details and able to delicately correct the flaws in a technique, which I personally very appreciate! Another important aspect for me is safe environment, where I have no concerns over being injured at all. I like boxing not only because of its health and fitness benefits, but it also keeps my brain in tonus. It definitely became part of my life for a while now (since there’s still lots to learn ).”


Learning to box continues to be a unique and challenging experience in all the best ways! It is a full body and mind workout and as soon as one session has finished, I’m already looking forward to the next! Thanks to Kyle’s enthusiasm and expertise I’ve found a new lifelong passion!


My sister and I started boxing as beginners with Kyle about 4 months ago. We had no boxing skills at all and have both learned so much! Kyle really is a great coach, he is very knowledgeable, laid back, and fun to work with, but definitely makes you work hard too!! It’s always a great workout and learning technical boxing skills has been a really cool way to get my exercise in. 100% recommended to all!”


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